Docker is key to everything

I’ve been using Docker for about a year, and in this short time, I realized that, more than any other technology, any project that is not using Docker should move to it today.

  • Portability
  • Best developer experience
  • Easy deployments
  • Bonus: Support Open Source

My first experiences in the tech industry were volunteering on open source projects. The first project I worked on ran on a simple tech stack of either Vanilla JS for their frontend and Vanilla Python for their data science team. The closest thing they had to a database was a JSON Document that stored all the data…

Github Actions + Docker


Deploying Docker Images is boring. Every time you want to push your image you have to build it, give it the proper tag, authenticate with your repository, push it, and then notify your other services that a new version is available.

People shouldn’t do this work; it's designed to be automated. This will go over how to automate your Docker build process.

For the purpose of this tutorial, we will be working with Docker Hub, however, with small modifications, these will work with both GCR, ACR, or ECR.


  • Saves developers time
  • Eliminates human error
  • Makes pipeline to production more secure


Flutter and Github Actions Logo


When working on a large team, or open-source project, code reviews can get really time-consuming, especially when you have to read through tons of poorly written code. One way to take some of this weight off your back is to set up automated code analysis, formatting, and UI tests.

This tutorial will go through how to setup Github Actions to check code quality, formatting, and run UI tests to validate pull requests.

All code in this repository will be available in template form here:



Create a file called analysis_options.yaml

I miss Docker 💔

Image by Jacob Zwang

A few weeks ago I traded in my old 2016 Macbook for a sleek new 2020 Macbook. Apple was not lying when they said the performance on the M1s is amazing. On my first day with my new computer, the only thing I used was Flutter, which worked great. However, soon I ran into one problem: I could not run Docker. At the time I got my computer, Docker for the Mac M1 was not available in any form, and even now it is only available in developer preview.

For me, losing Docker was like being…

Svelte Logo with Github Actions Logo

This will go through how to use Github Actions to deploy a Sapper website to AWS S3

All code created in this tutorial is available in a template form at



  1. Go to
  2. Name your repository and click Create Repository

In the directory where you want your project to be, run the following command:

Note: Replace YOURUSERNAME with your username and YOURREPOSITORYNAME with your repository name

Initialize Sapper

Inside of your repository directory run

Note: Webpack will also work

Setting Up AWS

  1. Login to…

How to add a readme to your Github profile (with pictures)

My Github Profile (@theswerd)


  1. Create a repository

Proxy Voting

I am a left coast, vegetarian, globalist, liberal teenager, so it means a lot when I say that Democrats are making a terrible mistake by supporting proxy voting.

I talked to my grandparents yesterday and they thought proxy voting was voting over Zoom. IT IS NOT. Proxy voting allows one representative to vote for up to 10 other representatives who aren’t present. This system creates more centralization of power, robs younger and western members of their opinions, and can only lead to more partisanship.

Congress was created to decentralize power. The house has 435 voting members, and for the House…

This will cover

  • What is a widget
  • Creating a Flutter app
  • Creating Widgets
  • Wrapping Widgets in each other

What is a Widget?

Everything within a Flutter application is a Widget in Flutter, from a simple “Text” to “Buttons” to “Screen Layouts”. These widgets arrange in a hierarchical order to be displayed onto the screen. The widgets which can hold widgets inside it are called Container Widget. — ProAndroidDev

A widget is any piece of the user interface.

Creating a Flutter app

  1. Install Flutter
  2. Create a Folder
  3. Navigate to Folder in your terminal
  4. Create a Flutter app with the following command

5. Run your app with the following command

  1. Open…

Flutter Logo

What is Flutter?

Flutter is a framework for making cross-platform mobile apps and websites.


This workshop will cover everything you know about how to make a simple Flutter app and connect it to the internet. This workshop will not have a solid final product, it will be a series of exercises showing how to connect a Flutter app to a server.


  • Flutter installation
  • Creating a Flutter app
  • Creating a Firebase project
  • Connecting Flutter with Firebase

Flutter installation

To install Flutter go to and follow their instructions

Windows Users:

To run Flutter you also need Android Studio and a real Android device or…

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